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301 NE 10th Street
Blanchard, OK 73010


We are experienced professionals in both traditional & customized prescriptions. Pharmaceutical compounding pharmacists work with your primary practitioner to formulate customized medications. We customizing ingredient strengths to match individual patient needs, combining compatible medications into a single dosage for your convenience.



20% off Product of the Month

Each month a featured Rx Skin Therapy product will be 20% off the retail price. Check back at the beginning of the month for the next special.

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Free Multivitamins for Kids Program

Red Cross Drug is offering each of your children, ages 5-11, a free monthly supply of chewable multivitamins to help boost your children’s nutrition.

Sign up at Red Cross Drug to get started. No purchase is necessary and you’ll receive one bottle of Nature’s Blend chewable multivitamins per child every month!